Tony’s Alternative Guide to Prague

Tonys Alternative Guide to PraguePerfect mix of hipsterism and punk – cool local’s places

If you come to Prague do you want to wander around without knowing where to go? Do you want to spend your few precious days by visiting places which are overpriced but well-presented in popular tourist guides and where only foreigners spend their time?

Do you want to see the real Prague
or only touristic attractions?

Do you want to see Prague the same way we – who have been living here for a long time – see it?

The Only Authentic Guide to Prague You Were Waiting For

This alternative prague guide will help you to find the nicest cafes, very typical Czech pubs or the most unique music clubs.

You’ll see where modern art, contemporary theatre or so called new cirques come to life. And when you are tired we’ll tell you which parks and publicgardens offer the best place for your rest. On a blanket with bottle of wine, if you wish.

Tony’s Guide to Prague will take you to the most unique small art cinemas in Prague where all the movies are being screen in the original language version.

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Alternative Guide to Prague Written by Local Guy

Tony’s Alternative Guide through Prague is an independent project which offers you tips for the best places in Prague which you should see when you stop by. We pointed out for you the most authentic venues with great genius loci.

We visited all the places by ourselves that’s why we really know what we are talking about! No one paid for being advertised; it is all based on our personal opinions. Most of the photos are unique, took specially for this guide. Because Antonin, author of the guide, is a photographer.

What Is in the E-Book Guide?

Prague map - Alternative GuideThe Alternative Guide through Prague takes you to places where it lives! To places where new ideas
pop up every minute and where theamount of creativity overwhelms you.

  • Over 130 placescafes, bars, pubs, music clubs, galleries, cultural and experimental venues, modern art, parks, cinemas, technical monuments, museums, …
  • All-over-a-year list of different types of festivals
  • Tips for original adventures
  • Gift ideas, food, alcohol
  • Photos, maps
  • Historical facts about Prague

Noncommercial, without advertisements, written based on personal experience

Our city has been changing a lot lately. Now you can find here emerging alternative communities and Prague becomes more cosmopolitan. New co-working places are opening, local workrooms are being built and charming cafes with tables and stools in front of their entrances are becoming very popular among locals. Pop-up galleries, bistros with home-made food or local products from Czech farmers are gaining more and more popularity as well. Now it is the only time when you can experience this change with us!

Only in Prague Experience

  • Have you drunk double-colored beer?
  • Have you made an earthen coffee mug for your own coffee in a coffee bar?
  • Have you watched a movie out of the freight car?
  • Have you enjoyed a romantic view over a city out of a smokestack?
  • Can you choose out of a 27 different types of beer?
  • Have you tried the Porn de Jeremy Burger named obviously after the popular porn star?
  • Have you had party in a nuclear bomb shelter?

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Local’s Prague Guide for Your Smartphone

You can download the e-book in these formats:

  • iPhone/iPad/Mac – iBooks (interactive ebook)
  • Android – PDF format –  available soon, we are currently working on it
  • Windows PC – PDF –  available soon, we are currently working on it
  • ePUB – available soon, we are currently working on it


Who Is Behind the Project?

My name is Antonin Jelinek, I was born and raised in Prague and due to my passion for the not-so-obvious places I have been exploring my country and its amazingly beautiful capital of Prague for as long as I can remember.

I have lived here as student, full-time employee and freelancer as well so I know the city from different angles.

This Prague guide book is my hobby on which I focus in my free time. Otherwise I’m webmaster and photographer. My girlfriend Inka helps me with the guide book when she is not in her office working with Roma (Gypsies) in an NGO or producing cultural events. While bringing foreign bands in Prague we realized how difficult it is for them to find cool local places.

Also while traveling in my free time I have always thought about electronic guide book like the one I’m working on, which would help me to get to know the local enviroment as fast as possible.  But I have never found one. That is why I decided to make one for others who could appreciate it as much as I would.

Tony’s Alternative Guide to Prague

​Authentic Prague Guide made by me – local guy.