Aero Cinema: a cinema, in which it is you who floats in the air



If you want to experience something other than a sterile, far from being original cinema, pay a visit to Aero. Offering a highly diverse program, whether featuring up-to-date movies or pieces that had their premiere long ago, the dramaturgy staff seek to choose recordings that either exceed the industry standards in terms of quality or bring something interesting.

Do you know what is the “Shockproof Cinema-goer Festival” and “Aero Dog Fest”?

Shockproof Cinema-goer Festival is the local rarity; once a year, guests can be compensated for any and all of those bizarre junk for which they lost the chance to see during the year. While Aero is a dog-friendly cinema, this year, however, they came up with a new undertaking: called Aero Dog Fest, it gives the opportunity of testing whether your companion knows what is happening on the screen and whether it’s fun for him to watch. Not one of the mainstream cinemas, Aero still offers all the amenities such as Aero Bar – a lovely club, Wi-Fi, and, ultimately, a top-quality, state-of-the-art screening technology with the best-of-class sound. The live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera, New York, also form an interesting feature.

  • Did you know … Aero Cinema even shows films that occur beyond the Czech distribution chain
  • On Friday and Saturday there are extended night screenings
  • Lecturer introductions precede films and painting/photograph displays
  • Aero School for pro-active kids interested in the art of making films

One of the oldest cinemas in Prague

Aero Cinema opened to the public on 10 November 1933. The first release saw the film’s director and actors Lída Baarová, Hugo Haas and Antonie Nedošínská taking part. Interestingly, there were about a hundred cinemas in Prague at that time when cinematography experienced its grand boom. The Žižkov quarter hosted as many as ten of them. As a result, people used to choose the cinema according to how it was far from their house rather than by the dramaturgy. No wonder when all cinemas played much the same at that time – mainstream, as can be seen now.

Practical Information

Where it is located:
Biskupcova 31, Praha 3
Opening hours:
every day, check the program on web
How to get there:
tram, bus: Ohrada, Vozovna Žižkov, Biskupcova

Once you are here, you can also visit

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U Starejch hadrů
Oáza s pořádnou metalovou hudbou hned vedle hispter mekky, ulice Krymské. Díra, která si žije vlastním životem bez ohledu na to, co se děje venku.


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