Blues Bahnhof: a station which even Sorcerer Zababa won’t enter


Music club
Blues Bahnhof

How we found Blues Bahnhof

A private musical club, it is open to anyone who has a desire to visit and listen to the blues music. The fact that you need to be aware of it or have a great luck to hit the door is the only trouble.

The example was me and my girl-friend as we had a spring stroll through Stromovka. Blues Bahnhof is a spot that hides quite well in one of the weathered buildings surrounding the little train station in Bubeneč. Its existence was brought to our attention through just one poster attached to the railing toward the park and it took us a while to locate the site which makes a nice & cozy place at first glance and atmosphere is more than relaxing.

Blues Bahnhof Fest

Once or twice a month there are musical shows; since 2013, an international festival is held on an annual basis and called Blues Bahnhof Fest.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Mlýnská 1117, Praha 6
Opening hours:
open occasionally, information on the official website
How to get there:
bus: Nemocnice Bubeneč, Goetheho

Once you are here, you can also visit

Take a walk in the near park Stromovka.


This post is also available in Czech.

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