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Cross Club

This musical club of Holešovice belongs, according to DJs addressed by UK’s Guardian, among the 25 best spots in Europe. Foreigners have mostly heard about it so they seek the site quite a lot. Yet it is not what you would probably expect. The opposite may be true. Continue reading

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Kavárna Muzeum: a hell-good brunch

You remove plastic seats from an old Tatra T3 tram to introduce a bit of design, you put a couple of comfortable big chairs to the large glass windows, you take some tables outside for those who can’t do without a fag, you hang discarded school boards on the wall – well, aren’t they hot now? – and that’s it! Now that you have a quite nice & cool room, you catch a creative cook, tie him to the kitchen stove, put a couple of mixed nice bartenders and food & coffee experts behind the bar, and you have a recipe for a great cafe restaurant.
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