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Zahrada Ztracenka: throw your cell phone into the sewer and your troubles away

The name says it all. It translates “Lost Garden” and a lot of people have really no idea of it even though it is based in the heart of the city. A really well hidden place, it stretches between the premises of school buildings in Albertov and the Na Karlově hospital. Not really among the giants – you are hardly expected to go jogging in here. But it does not matter – indeed, it adds to the magic. The garden’s condition was desolate under the former regime.
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The Letná park

A much-sought place for many people! No wonder since this large patch of greenery offers a great view of Prague and opportunities like playing football, throwing Frisbees, doing yoga, riding skates or just sitting on a blanket, smoking a joint and drinking beer, not mentioning “Stalin”, the iconic site. Continue reading

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