Café Cultural center

Made from a shipping container and aimed at the presentation of NGOs, this season-only cultural center does not lack a comfortable seating area and diverse programs. Containall is operated by what once was a civic association founded in early 2013 upon the initiative of a group of friends to transform into a non-profit company in December 2013. A unique space and Prague’s attractive location, it interconnects the public and the Czech civil society. The programs enable the visitor to learn about the activities of NGOs, cultural associations and other groups active in fine arts, e.g. young architects, designers and the like.

Inside the container there is a gallery while the other segment offers a bar. On the roof there is a terrace with a seating area where one can watch movies on a periodical basis; screened on the wall of the adjacent house, they usually involve documentaries.

In addition to the container located in the Malá Strana quarter, there is another facility in Letná, operated in the area which once was the site of the Stalin monument.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Malá Strana: Cihelná 4, Praha 1
Letná: Stalin monument
Opening hours:
mo-fr: 13- 23
sa-su: 11 – 23
How to get there:
Malá Strana – subway, tram:  Malostranská
Letná – subway: Staroměstská, tram: Právnická fakulta, Čechův most

Map – Malá Strana

Map – Letná