Cross Club

Café Music club Restaurant

This musical club of Holešovice belongs, according to DJs addressed by UK’s Guardian, among the 25 best spots in Europe. Foreigners have mostly heard about it so they seek the site quite a lot. Yet it is not what you would probably expect. The opposite may be true. Actually, the place is very strange, but unique in terms of “decoration”, known for the high-quality music entertainment and a good sound system. The locals definitely do not form the minority. Prices here are very friendly and the venue looks a little like a lousy hole from another time and space rather than a first-class European club.

When you are staunchly in favor of something, the interior perfectly enhances your visual imagination. Everything from the seats, the bar, and the lighting units as far as wall decoration is made from old machine parts or electrical engineering components. Items to find application here include stuff from decommissioned trams as well as motherboards from Intel 386 computers.

On the first floor there is a cafe where they hold lectures, film screenings, theater performances and displays.

In the backyard there stands a fast-food facility that works all night long.

The garden includes an open-air cinema which is usually free of any charge.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Plynární 23, Praha 7
Opening hours:
café:  14 – 02h
club: 18 – 04h …
How to get there:
subway: Nádraží Holešovice
tram, bus: Nádraží Holešovice