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Ex Post Gallery Prague

Ex Post is a sort of partial successor to the former Trafačka, which was an industrial space dedicated to contemporary art, active 2006 to 2014. It used to house workshops of local beginner artists and well-known foreigners. Unfortunately, the old townhouse in Vysočany it was in was demolished, displacing the artists all over Prague. The core collective of the former Trafačka moved to a new space run by the artist Prokop Bartoníček, called Ex Post. Here, they exhibit in their Trafo Gallery and, along with the local pebe/lab Studio, organize events. Ex Post also carries on the tradition of the 22presents Showroom in Mlynářská Street, which was mainly dedicated to experimental design from Berlin. Ex Post self-identifies as a culture and education space. Aside from exhibitions, they also hold lectures on design, art, and culture.


Trafačka – A colloquial word for a transformer station, now seldom used.

Trafo – Colloquialism for “transformer.”

Practical information

Where it is located:
1 Příčná, Prague 1
Web, Facebook:
How to get there:
metro: Karlovo náměstí
tram, bus: Vodičkova, Lazarská, Karlovo náměstí