Kavárna Muzeum: a hell-good brunch

Café Restaurant
Kavárna Muzeum

You remove plastic seats from an old Tatra T3 tram to introduce a bit of design, you put a couple of comfortable big chairs to the large glass windows, you take some tables outside for those who can’t do without a fag, you hang discarded school boards on the wall – well, aren’t they hot now? – and that’s it! Now that you have a quite nice & cool room, you catch a creative cook, tie him to the kitchen stove, put a couple of mixed nice bartenders and food & coffee experts behind the bar, and you have a recipe for a great cafe restaurant.

Such snack is definitely nothing your mom used to put in your school bag!

It is here you can go for good coffee or to chew your cud at the lunch time. You can also just gaze around buried in your chair and nibble your cheesecake. Be informed, though, that several kinds of homemade bread along with phenomenal, innovative homemade spreads are the local distinction. Kavárna Muzeum is located just above Wenceslas Square. The location is thus ideal when you get hungry as you walk in the city or if you need some rest.

Although located in the heart of the city next to a busy highway, it is, surprisingly, a place of peace and tranquility that emanates from the nice, friendly personnel that really help you. The cafe is spacious and you can feel free when choosing whether to make use of a chair mirroring the appearance of old tram seats, a wooden bench, or a large, comfortable chair by the window.

The chairs are located by the glazed wall with a view outside. An excellent place to hide while having a cup of coffee and reading a book or cradling your laptop; the same goes for enjoying your breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Just be sure to place your order before 3 p.m. if you choose a conventional hot meal. They are experts in making luxury sandwiches with many kinds of homemade spreads and all sorts of that healthy stuff on top. They will do almost anything you invent. Well, just try to keep yourself down a bit.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Vinohradská 1, Praha 1
Opening hours:
mo-fr:   9 – 19h
sa-su : 10 – 19h
How to get there:
subway: Muzeum
tram, bus: Muzeum

Once you are here, you can also visit

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