Klinika (The Clinic)

Community Coworking space Cultural center
Klinika Prague

The Clinic is an autonomous social center established in 2014 in a former hospital in Žižkov. Whether or not its use of the premises is legal is still under discussion, as originally the operators had no lease, making their occupation essentially a squat. The most vocal opponents currently come from the far right of the political spectrum, but the Prague 3 Borough Council and the government bureau representing the State as the property’s owner aren’t exactly fans, either, making the future of this establishment rather uncertain. The Clinic’s activities include a café, a library, a communal garden and workshops, open workshop events and lectures, concerts, open-air screenings, theater, festivals, fundraisers, and more. Financing is self-provided on a voluntary basis. Due to its precarious legal position, the Clinic intentionally avoids dependence on government subsidies and grants.


The Clinic has the support of e.g. Arnošt Goldflam, Filip Remunda, Martin Putna, Jáchym Topol, Ondřej Kobza, Vladimir 518, the Žít Brno (Live Brno) Initiative, and others.

The premises host glassmaking, welding, carpentry, printing, and bike assembly workshops, among others.

The project’s initiators are an informal group of several dozen individuals from academia, non-profits, and cultural backgrounds.

Practical information

Where it is located:
60 Jeseniova, Prague 3
facebook: klinika451
How to get there:
tram: Biskupcova