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On the map bellow you can find all the places published in Tony’s Alternative Guide to Prague.

Historical Landmarks of Prague

Dostupný v těchto formátech - iBooks, ePUB, PDFPrague Guide for Your Smartphone

You can download the e-book in these formats:
  • iPhone/iPad/Mac – iBooks (interactive ebook)
  • Android – PDF format –  available soon, we are currently working on it
  • Windows PC – PDF –  available soon, we are currently working on it
  • ePUB – available soon, we are currently working on it

What Is in the E-Book?

The Alternative Guide through Prague takes you to places where it lives! To places where new ideas pop up every minute and where theamount of creativity overwhelms you.

  • Over 130 placescafes, bars, pubs, music clubs, galleries, cultural and experimental venues, modern art, parks, cinemas, technical monuments, museums, …
  • All-over-a-year list of different types of festivals
  • Tips for original adventures
  • Gift ideas, food, alcohol
  • Photos, maps
  • Historical facts about Prague

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Stay tuned! We will let you know as soon as the Tony`s Alternative Guide to Prague for Android is finished.

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