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Kavárna Pražírna

The operation opened in March 2012. Previously, there used to be a spot called Boží mlýny that I loved very much so I was a little disappointed to hear it would no longer be located in these beautiful cellar premises. However, Pražírna is just as good – maybe even a bit better and nicer in this or that.

Besides the fact that they prepare a great cup of coffee (which incidentally they roast themselves), delicious homemade lemonades and cakes or pies, they seek to do something for their neighborhood. Examples include the current involvement in terms of assisting refugees from Syria by collecting clothes in the premises and taking them to refugee camps. The very recent public collection to help the people looking for a new home in Europe entitled “Flee with Tea” is another instance. By buying tea anyone could contribute 50 CZK to purchase things that help improve conditions for people on their way from Syria to Europe. The amount raised overall reached 8,000 CZK.

I like spots that are not just a ‘temple of consumption’ (no matter how much the consumed is organic/raw/veggie), but serve for other types of community use. This way Pražírna formed a place in the past where you could go to visit a display of photos by Roman Vondrouš, a winner of World Press Photo 2013, join an event to learn more about Rwanda or dance the night through. There is always something going on at the cafe – just follow their Facebook page.

A different side of the cafe

An event took place here very recently and involved an experience of spending a day in the facility in a not very conventional manner. People were invited to take part in a competition involving sipping as a tandem or in Milk Battle, buy a ‘new’ second-hand, good-looking dress, and join an eye- and soul-pleasing puppet performance entitled Dragon Krucifrak.

Official promo text:

Nothing goes as it should? Nothing to excel in? Are you eternal outsiders? Are you two? Register for the global premiere of tandem sipping competition!

Practical Information

Where it is located:
Lublaňská 50, Praha 2
Opening hours:
mo-fr:   8:30 – 22:00
sa:        12:00 – 20:00
How to get there:
subway: I.P. Pavlova

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