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La Fabrika

A multipurpose theater space located in what once hosted the Richter factory to make machine components and the Bendelmayer foundry plant. Since 2012, La Fabrika has underwent a full-scale process of redesign owing to private funding to become what it is today: a place that offers Continue reading

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Jatka 78

The gate of this sanctuary of fine arts opened in November 2014 for the first time. Yet it came into being only very recently, the site has something special to offer to this highly honored, wishful audience.   This particularly involves the stuff called nouveau cirque, or Contemporary Circus. Continue reading

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Žižkov Freight Railway Station

An extensive railway area with many operating buildings and multiple-storey warehouses, this high-capacity railway station built in 1931-1934 was used for the rapid transshipment of goods, particularly foodstuffs. The importance of the building in terms of transportation began to decline after 1966, after the completion of the new food depot in Strašnice. Continue reading

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This international center for contemporary art founded in 2001 by artist David Černý is part of a special industrial building. A former glass-making factory built in the 1920s, after World War II it served for manufacturing diesel engines of Škoda Pilsen. In the 1990s it was abandoned once for all. Continue reading

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Made from a shipping container and aimed at the presentation of NGOs, this season-only cultural center does not lack a comfortable seating area and diverse programs. Containall is operated by what once was a civic association founded in early 2013 upon the initiative of a group of friends to transform into a non-profit company in December 2013.  Continue reading

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Aero Cinema: a cinema, in which it is you who floats in the air


If you want to experience something other than a sterile, far from being original cinema, pay a visit to Aero. Offering a highly diverse program, whether featuring up-to-date movies or pieces that had their premiere long ago, the dramaturgy staff seek to choose recordings that either exceed the industry standards in terms of quality or bring something interesting.
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