Public Transport

Prague’s Public Transport (subway, trams, buses, trains, funicular and – no kidding – boats!)


There is one ticket which you can use to all the types of transportation mentioned above.  You can buy this ticket in orange ticket machines, at newsstands or at some subway stops. There is also a possibility to buy tickets from the bus drivers but they are more expensive.


ticket for 32 CZK is valid for 90 min
ticket for 24 CZK is valid for 30 min
ticket for 110 CZK is valid for 24 hours
ticket for 310 CZK is valid for 72 hours

Kids and seniors

Kids and seniors have a discount but you have to get them a special transport card which proves their age:

Children 6 – 15 years old (from the age of 10 it is obligatory to prove the child’s age by means of an indentity card bearing the child’s firtst name, surname, date of birth and a photograph verified by the passport issuer).

Adults 60 – 70 years old: valid only with the PIT “Senior 60-70” card or the “Senior 60-65” card.

ticket for 16 CZK is valid for 90 min
ticket for 12 CZK is valid for 30 min
ticket for 55 CZK is valid for 24 hours
there is no reduced price version of a 72 hour ticket

Kids younger than 6 y/o and seniors older than 70 y/o can use the public transport for free without any card.

Mobile app

I personally recommend to download MHDapp from Nikolay Tutarinov which is fee of charge.
Link to AppStore

I personally recommend to download Jizdni rady app from Frantisek Hejl which is free of charge.
Link to Google Play


In Prague you can find couple ferries which take you from one side of the river Vltava to the other even if you come to one of the mini-ports on your bicycle. Each little ferry has its own captain who drives the boats according to regular schedules. It is great and fund experience! We have heard that the position of the captain is on high demand because it is so much fun to do it :).

Public transport schedules.

Funicular railway

We have our own funicular in Prague which belongs to the system of Prague’s Public Transportation. You can use the regular ticket for public transportation if you want to go up the hill. The funicular starts in Újezd in Mala Strana and it takes you to the top of the Petrin hill where is a beautiful view over Prague and a lookout tower what is called Prague’s Eiffel Tower.

Public transportation at night

The subway doesn’t run between midnight and 5.00 am. The last train leaves from one side of the subway route precisely at 12.00 pm so if you are in the center so you still might be able to catch a train at 10 to 15 min past midnight but if you are somewhere in the suburbs you better be at your station before 12.00 pm.

During the night you can move around Prague by night trams (No. 51 – 59) or by night buses (No. 501 – 513). They usually go every 30 minutes. And the right combination of trams and buses can get you wherever you need.

The central stop for night trams is tram stop Lazarska – an ideal place for a last beer before you head home because there you can find some famous non-stop bars. Overall from the center (Muzeum, Hlavni Nadrazi – central train station, namesti Republiky – Republic Square, Narodni Trida, I. P. Pavlova) you will be able to find some way how to get to your place.



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