U Fandy: Czech pub reality – the way it used to be

Pivnice U Fandy

I bet that this rather unattractive-looking pub would be bypassed if you went around. Well, no wonder. But the fact is that you would make a major mistake and lose the chance of getting fundamental knowledge needed to understand the soul of a Czech person since if you get some courage and pay a visit to this godforsaken and perhaps damned operation, you can experience the reality of the Czech pub culture firsthand.

You will discover the world of Karlín workers, locksmiths, plumbers, pensioners with disability, railway staff and all types of those guys you meet on the street while finding what grand opportunities this recreation facility is hiding. And, that it is literally imbued with folk wisdom garnered for generations.

Beery and urban design: even Frank Lloyd Wright would not feel ashamed

The minimalist, beerish urban design outdoors will tell a rather sensitive individual that they can expect a really dense alcoholic atmosphere hidden indoors. A ventilator that hardly works, a sign reading “Beer – Rum – Vodka” underneath, a bench in front of the entrance, no windows – just glass bricks …

A bit forward and braless

The staff plays hardball, but they won’t leave you thirsty. Sipping a beer and listening to the chatting barfly thinkers around even if you don’t want to, we bet you’ll have no sense of the trains running over your head. Did you know the premises are partially located in one of the stone arches of Negrelli Elevated Railroad? As the night gets closer and the blood level of alcohol is on the rise, the air starts getting heavy.

Pivnice U Fandy

U Fandy pub – exterior won the Grand Prix of Architects 2014 in the category of beer urbanism

There was a time when the pub was even serviced by busty ladies topless once a week. Well, we were unable to find out whether the golden age is still here and running. But if you’re unlucky, you might be compensated by pickled camembert-like cheese or sausages. And yes, any of the offered hot meals may do the job.

Jäger is dead, long live Che Guevara !!

In our field study, we were lucky that we came across a special offer of Fanda – see the picture below. Maybe you are lucky as well!

Practical Information

Where it is located:
Prvního pluku 49, Praha 8
Facebook – official – it should be noted that it’s not updated very often:D
Facebook 2 – unofficial – it’s not beeing updated as well, but at least the last post is younger than 5 years
Opening hours:
Until throats of guests are thirsty and they can lift the beer glass to their mouth, otherwise:
mo-fr: 11 – 24h
sa-su : 12 – 24h
How to get there:
subway: Florenc
tram, bus: Florenc

Once you are here, you can also visit

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Charleston Restaurant
Did you like Mafia the PC game? Do you secretly, as soon as starts to get dark, put on a leather coat with airsoft Thompson underneath? Do you imagine you follow in the footsteps of Al Pacino collecting protection money from honest tradesmen? In this place your perversion will be probably understood. They have definitely the best atmosphere of the 30’s in here.


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