U Jelínků: no fussing and quarrelling with personnel – just stay happy to sit down, twiddle your thumbs and drink beer

U Jelínků

An ideal beer saloon materialized

If we seek to define and materialize the notion of “beer saloon”, I daresay that the pub U Jelínků could serve as the best example. It has all the attributes that one would expect from such a spot. Smoky settings of poor aesthetic value, shabby tables occupied by ever-thirsty regulars, a very limited choice of drinks and food and starchy staff. However, it is necessary to mention the most important thing – that is, they tap your pils like nowhere else.

The way beer tastes here is unexampled except several other spots in Prague – and this is no exaggeration. People pay the visit to the site just to have beer and they know why. Do not expect to eat here; the menu is limited to small beer snacks such as local camembert-like cheese or pickled sausages. Do not also try to order soft drinks. You get threatened by being banished for unnecessarily occupying space at the table.

The pub is always full. No chance to make a reservation. You must be either a regular or a child of fortune.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Charvátova 1, Praha 1

Opening hours:
mo-fr: 10 – 22h
st: 10 – 18h
How to get there:
subway: Můstek, Národní třída
tram: Národní třída, Vodičkova

Once you are here, you can also visit

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