U Pětníka: once lost, now relocated


U Pětníka

My story of rediscovering the pub

You’ll surely know that. You have a hint of an event stored in your memory and the more water flows down the River Vltava, the more it seems that the event was fun, a freaky experience and overall success. The same goes for places.
The difference is that you can revisit the place after some years. Confronting idealized memories with reality, however, can be painful.

Surprisingly, confronting my memories of the pub called U Pětníka with the reality was a happy end. The point was that the place where many a designer’s task was being solved when I attended an engineering school nearby, where “being solved” rather meant “being redrawn” on a translucent sheet of paper, making use of something copied from those who DID NOT use to sit in the pub.

The spot was saved from the ravages of time because it underwent restoration. As a result, the facility became improved in addition to maintaining the original relaxing atmosphere. And, on the top of it, imagine that they have a perfect cook and nice manners. Now you have a tip where to go in the Dejvice quarter. Whether for a dinner or just have a beer.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Lotyšská 8, Praha 6
Opening hours:
mo-su: 11 – 24
How to get there:
subway Dejvická
tram Vítězné náměstí

Once you are here, you can also visit

Kabinet Café
Soukromý podnik pana Julia Macháčka, fungující již od roku 2000, kde na vás tak trochu dýchne sentiment školních let, umožňující vám zavzpomínat na časy, které jsou už dávno pryč.

National Library of Technology
Jedná se o největší a nejmodernější českou technickou knihovnu s kapacitou přes 1,5 milionu knih. Byla vyprojektována na základě architektonického návrhu mladého kreativního studia „Projektil architekti“ a otevřena v roce 2009. Je velmi originálně řešena.


This post is also available in Czech.

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