The Letná park

Park View
Letná Park

A much-sought place for many people! No wonder since this large patch of greenery offers a great view of Prague and opportunities like playing football, throwing Frisbees, doing yoga, riding skates or just sitting on a blanket, smoking a joint and drinking beer, not mentioning “Stalin”, the iconic site.

The largest sculpture in Europe at that time and a symbol of the monstrosity of the communist regime, the marble pedestal of this former megalomaniacal monument of Joseph Vissarionovich now provides a place for skaters to run, all kinds of rubbernecks to sit and stare and Japanese tourists to take of romantic sunsets.

This skateboard spot has grown a lot of big Czech names; it sees competitions on a periodical basis and many a European rider considers it one of the best places around the continent. Hopefully there is never an oceanarium as they used to plan.

Practical Information

Where it is located:
In Letenské sady (Letenský park) above Čechův most (bridge).
How to get there:
Malostranská, Staroměstská
Čechův most

Once you are here, you can also visit

Projít si Letenské sady a dát si pivo v některé z venkovních hospůdek.


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