Vinohrady Brewery – a dream come true for several friends


Brewery Restaurant
Vinohradský pivovar

A dream come true for a few mates based in Vinohrady, it is a restored brewery with a pub, where, incidentally, there is an excellent cuisine and space for culture. The cooking chamber is separated only by a glass wall so you can see how nicely the lager is attended and kept ready for you.

Beer is something that we have loved from an early age, with many pints drank together in Prague pool halls, beer gardens and musical shows.

How it all began

When Prague was far from having so many small-scale breweries, pubs focusing in rather small and less known brands, and other special ‘beer temples’ and ‘beer sanatoriums’, a group of friends decided to start their own beer production. When they raised the necessary funds in the order of dozens of millions of Czech koruna, they began with finding a suitable facility to purchase in 2013.  Eventually, they discovered a building of a former burgess brewery of Vinohrady, one that attracted their eyes. This enabled launching a costly and painstaking process of refurbishing the building with subsequent construction of technology production facilities.

We long searched for a place to settle down, taking into account even various estates and disintegrated  mansions outside Prague. We are happy that we have finally found the former burgess brewery of Vinohrady and we can restore the brewing tradition in its original premises, although the extent is considerably lesser.

Because of its size, Vinohrady Brewery belongs among so called large-scale breweries. The boundary between small-scale and large-scale breweries is determined by the amount of beer produced per year, that is, 10,000 hectoliters. In the Czech Republic there are a number of classic big breweries; recently, in particular, there is a host of microbreweries established. Breweries – like the one in Vinohrady – are scarce which is what its founders bet on, wishing to fill the vacant space that exists in the market.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Korunní 106, Praha 10
Opening hours:
po-ne:   11:00 – 24:00
How to get there:
tram: Orionka

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