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What You Can Find Here

The only authentic guide to Prague

In this guide book you will find only those places which have special vibrations – they have to live their own lives and have their own souls. Sometimes these places are as white as snow and sometimes they are very dark. Overall, here you won’t find any chain restaurants, franchises or turist traps….

Experience the real face of the most beautiful European city

If you come to Prague do you want to wander around without knowing where to go? Do you want to spend your few precious days by visiting places which are overpriced but well-presented in popular tourist guides and where only foreigners spend their time?

Do you want to see the real Prague
 or only touristic attractions?

Do you want to see Prague the same way we – who have been living here for a
long time – see it?

Alternative Guide Written by Local Guy

Tony’s Alternative Guide through Prague is an independent project which offers you tips for the best places in Praguewhich you should see when you stop by. We pointed out for you the most authentic venues with great genius loci.

We visited all the places by ourselves that’s why we really know what we are talking about! No one paid for being advertised; it is all based on our personal opinions. Most of the photos are unique, took specially for this guide. Because Antonin, author of the guide, is a photographer.

How Did It Start and Who Is Behind It

The idea of Tony’s Alterantive Guide To Prague started at the end of 2014 as my hobby. This guide is personal and independent choice of places in Prague. It isn’t commercial and there are no advertisements inside. Here you can find more about the author.

Tony`s Guide to PragueWhy is there the fish-logo?

Whoever sends me the right answer will get free bottle of Jack Danielse and an exclusive oportunity to drink it with me. Only before you read the guide book!

For those who want to find something special

In Prague you can find many interesting places and it would be shame not to get out of a groove. Sometimes you have to leave the main road and drive towards something unknown. But not many people these days have time to just wander around. That is why we are giving you tips for cafes, pubs, parks, music clubs, experimental spaces and much more which have that so called genius loci.

Letná ParkSooooo….

You will find here places where you can just walk around and enjoy yourselves:

Parks, gardens, vineyards, hills, scenic views

Where you can gather strength for the next discovery:

Cafés, bistros, restaurants, beer gardens

Where to get inspired:

prazirna-prague-cafe-4Galleries, art centers, exhibition spaces, experimental spaces, design shops

Where to spend your evenings:

Music clubs, cinemas, bars, pubs, winehouses

Where to gain some knowledge:
Museums, technical monuments, interesting buildings

Where to obtain historical awareness:

Churches, monasteries, synagogues, castles and other stony things

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This post is also available in Czech.