Žižkov Freight Railway Station

Cultural center

An extensive railway area with many operating buildings and multiple-storey warehouses, this high-capacity railway station built in 1931-1934 was used for the rapid transshipment of goods, particularly foodstuffs. The importance of the building in terms of transportation began to decline after 1966, after the completion of the new food depot in Strašnice. While the main building ceased operations in 2002, trains stopped driving into the premises in 2010. Now there are efforts of finding the purpose for the future. As it happens, the current owner and the Town Hall want demolish everything and build condos and a shopping center; local residents and associations, however, seek to save some architecturally valuable parts, at least to some extent. 2010 saw the city district’s contract for lease of the premises to expire; as a result, the pro-active use as a community center was terminated but the station’s busy life has now restored: just watch their Facebook profile.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Praha 3 Žižkov
How to get there:
tram: Olšanská, Mezi Hřbitovy
bus: Basilejské náměstí