Zahrada Ztracenka: throw your cell phone into the sewer and your troubles away

Park View
Zahrada Ztracenka

The name says it all. It translates “Lost Garden” and a lot of people have really no idea of it even though it is based in the heart of the city. A really well hidden place, it stretches between the premises of school buildings in Albertov and the Na Karlově hospital. Not really among the giants – you are hardly expected to go jogging in here. But it does not matter – indeed, it adds to the magic. The garden’s condition was desolate under the former regime.

Looks sharp

Today, luckily, it is different – it has recently undergone extensive renovation. The sloping ground splits into multiple terraces and there is a network of paths and brick walls. Benches can be found in many places but feel free to sit down on the well-maintained lawn if you like to. The location on a hill makes a superb view; the New Town city walls that surround the area from above also add to the atmosphere. An incredibly quiet place because the bustle of the city is very limited here.

Taking a view while sitting on the walls of Charles IV

As medieval Prague grew, the original walls had begun to be tight. Charles IV, the founder of the New Town, thus decided on extending so as to encompass this part of Prague. This way they laid the foundation stone of the city walls that began and ended near the River Vltava, as did the walls of the Old Town. It took place on March 26, 1348, and the site was the current Wenceslas Square.  The arc that the new walls formed, however, was much larger. In general, the walls were running from where they later built the Těšnov station, then around the Main Train Station via Florenc as far as the place where now National Museum towers to continue via the street of Mezibranská and Sokolská to Karlov, bridge the stream of Botič and join the Vyšehrad walls. The total length was 3.5 kilometers, the walls were 5 meters wide and 10 meters high.

Practical information

Where it is located:
Among the complex of universities on Albertov and hospital on Karlov
Opening hours:
mo-fr:  9 – 19h
su-su : 10 – 19h
How to get there:
subway Karlovo náměstí, Vyšehrad -> 15 minutes walk from both stations
tram from Karlovo náměstí to Albertov station

Once you are here, you can also visit

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